The Endo Babe Journal: Paperback
The Endo Babe Journal: Paperback
The Endo Babe Journal: Paperback
The Endo Babe Journal: Paperback
The Endo Babe Journal: Paperback
The Endo Babe Journal: Paperback

The Endo Babe Journal: Paperback

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The Endo Babe Journal is a 13 week journal, small enough for you to take with you anywhere you go! Lifelong habits take on average 66 days to form, so The Endo Babe Journal was designed to help you build and cultivate self love habits that will last you a lifetime <3 
With The Endo Babe Journal you will be inspired to grow, cultivate self love + gratitude, and learn to understand and appreciate your body. Use these pages to awaken your inner Endo Babe and remember, you are a fucking BABE!
What is an Endo Babe?
A Bad Ass Babe with Endo
While using The Compact Endo Babe Journal, you will be encouraged to:
    • Build lifelong self love habits
    • Start and end your day with gratitude.
    • Practice self reflection so that you understand yourself better.
    • Start each day with positive affirmations.
    • Train your mind to see yourself in a positive light.
    • Reflect on your physical health and learn what makes you feel better on bad pain days.
    • Plan out your self care practices.
    • Write out your goals + intentions to reaffirm what you want in life.
    • Practice daily reflection of your endo symptoms so you can better understand your endometriosis.
    • Check-in on your mental + physical health weekly.
    • Reflect on your mental health and learn to tap into what you are needing.
    • Reflect on and rewrite negative experiences to help you gain closure and help you become the person you are meant to be!



Key Elements
Daily Journal Prompts:
These pages are designed to help you practice putting yourself in a positive frame of mind, and begin to cultivate self love + gratitude. You will practice daily gratitude, empowering words of affirmation, self reflection, and self love.  You will reflect on ways that you were kind to yourself, ways you love your body, and what made you feel happiest in your body. This reflection helps to reinforce your new beliefs and thought patterns around loving your body and mind.
Thought Pages:
These are blank pages to allow space for your thoughts to flow freely. Use these pages to expand on your thoughts, brain dump, write more empowering affirmations, or just doodle!
Weekly Planning Section:
At the beginning of every week there is a section for you to set a weekly intention, plan out ways for self care, write out your to-do list, and meal plan. By writing out self care goals + intentions, you reaffirm what you want, and train your subconscious mind to believe it is true!
Weekly Endometriosis Symptom Tracker:
This tracker is designed to help you reflect on the week that has passed and keep track of your endometriosis symptoms as well as track your mental health. This will help you begin to listen to your body so you can learn to appreciate and understand yourself, your body, and your endometriosis symptoms. 
Weekly Self Love Journal:
At the end of every week, you are asked to reflect on the love you showed yourself, and what you learned about yourself that week. You will rewrite negative experiences, reflect on what you learned from your challenges, and practice gratitude for your body. By rewriting negative experiences in a more positive manner, you are able to appreciate that even negative things that happen in our lives may seem awful and unfair, but they have also served you. These negative experiences have happened FOR you so you could become the person you are meant to be!
Meal + Grocery Planning Pages:
In the back of the journal there are meal + grocery planners for each week. Easy for you to rip out and take with you to the store to help you stay on track with your goals!