Fried Rice w/ Gluten Free Brown Sauce

This fried rice with gluten free brown sauce is so easy to make and full of flavor! Makes for a quick dinner with lots of leftovers! Its packed full of veggies and protein! Can easily be made vegan or vegetarian by omitting the meat and eggs.


  • 1 lb ground beef or meat of choice (we use elk)
  • 2 T minced garlic
  • 1 c frozen peas
  • 1 c chopped carrots
  • 1 head broccoli
  • 1 bell pepper 
  • ½ c brown sugar or golden monk fruit sweetener
  • ¼ c GF soy sauce (tamari)
  • 1 t ginger powder or fresh
  • 2-4 eggs
  • 1 c rice
  • salt + pepper to taste


  1. Cook rice according to the package
  2. Mince garlic, chop carrots, bell pepper, and broccoli. Set aside
  3. In a large skillet brown the meat with the minced garlic, drain the fat and set aside in a bowl
  4. In the same pan, cook the veggies until fork tender. Then add the meat back to the pan.
  5. Add brown sugar, ginger, GF soy sauce to the pan. Stir and let simmer.
  6. In a separate pan, scramble the eggs.
  7. Then add eggs and cooked rice to the meat/veggie pan. Stir to combine