Processing Your Emotions and Starting Your Healing Journey with Endometriosis

In this blog, you'll learn about how to process your emotions to start your healing journey with endometriosis in a healthy way with Holistic Health Coach Morgan Michele Fazio


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Morgan Michele Fazio is a certified health coach and personal trainer with a passion for helping women optimize digestion, balance hormones, and feel their best WITHOUT diets or militant exercise programs. Her programs leverage intuitive eating, holistic health, mindset, movement, and alternative practices.


Sitting with your uncomfortable emotions and actually processing them is some of the most freeing and healing inner work you can do. It’s not easy, but it is so important. Here are three tips for processing your emotions given to us by health coach Morgan Michele Fazio.


1. Ask yourself : What are you feeling? Get clear about what it is you feel.


This can sometimes be a hard question - especially because with endometriosis, you can be feeling so many things at once. Do a scan of your body, and notice where you are having pain or holding your feelings. Become aware of them. 


2. Separate yourself from the emotions. You are not your feelings.


Sit back and examine each emotion, instead of making each one mean something about yourself. For example, you could be telling yourself the story of, “I am depressed, therefore I am an awful person.” This isn’t true at all. Depression is an emotion that you do have to work through and process- but it’s not who you are.


3. Start processing!


There is no specific way to do this. There is no perfect self care road map. But there are four significant things to focus on/practice when you are working through your feelings. The first one is support. Listening to a podcast, working with a coach, spiritual practices, talking to friends, etc - getting support outside of yourself in whatever way feels the best. Second is self care. This can include setting boundaries, preserving your energy, getting enough sleep, fresh air, and movement - being kind to yourself. Third is fully feeling the feelings. It’s ok to feel your feelings! You don't need to be “tough.” It's a powerful thing to just FEEL. You could write a letter to yourself, or to the emotion itself. You could listen to music that matches what you're feeling. Don’t be afraid to truly sit in and feel your emotions. And fourth is distraction. This is different from escaping! Sometimes you need to binge something on Netflix, to shut your brain off and just be. You're saying to yourself, “I don't have the bandwidth to process this right now, but I will address it later. Right now I’m going to use a distraction. I'm not pushing it down...I will come back to this feeling later.”


Healing is integrative! Processing your emotions is healthy and necessary to live well with endometriosis <3


To hear more about Morgan's journey with endometriosis and how she uses a holistic and integrative approach to help other women, listen to Episode 78 of the Endo Babe Podcast linked above!


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