How Your Wounded Feminine and Masculine Energies are Affecting Your Life and How to Bring Them to a Healthy Balance

In this blog, I will outline the content of my upcoming podcast with guest Shalane Carter, an energy healer and business mentor. We discuss the defining characteristics of both masculine and feminine energies, give tips on how to balance them out in a healthy manner, and why this is so relevant for women with endometriosis.


This blog is from podcast episode 51 of the Endo Babe Podcast! Click here to listen



What are the differences between Masculine and Feminine Energies?


Masculine and Feminine Energies, or Shiva and Shakti energies, need to be equally balanced in order for you to function at your highest and most purposeful state. Every human has both energies- they are not related to gender or sexuality, but rather the opposing aspects of the self. 


Masculine energy is structural and foundational. Strong representations of masculine energy in nature are mountains and fire. This is the “doing” or “action” energy. It is more authoritative and forceful. 


Feminine energy is the “feeling” energy. It is being creative, intuitive, and fiercely nurturing. Strong representations of feminine energy in nature are water and wind. It is surrendering to life's processes, and having a strong awareness of emotion.


Why is keeping my energies balanced so important?


Our society in general values masculine energy over feminine energy. Feminine energy is often thought of as weak, when in reality it is so very powerful and strong. We are taught to suppress our emotions and individuality. 


Remember, it’s okay to give yourself permission to feel, to process, and to rest! 


As a woman with endometriosis, your body can be afraid of femininity, creativity and sexuality because of the pain our mind associates with them. When you suppress these things, they become stagnant, and compound! This creates an overall imbalance in your life and can pull you into a negative mindset, which in turn can increase your pain. 


Just remember that BOTH energies are always needed! They want and need to co-exist!


What does a Wounded/Imbalanced Masculine Energy look like?


When a person has a wounded masculine energy, they can be overly aggressive, egotistical, or controlling. They can feel the need to push their opinions on everyone else, and not be open to other people’s ideas or feelings. It can look like never resting, not processing or being aware of emotions, and feeling a constant need to prove themselves. They usually assume a dominant, “winning at all costs” attitude, and can be willing to hurt others to succeed. They can be over concerned about time, wanting to always stick to strict regiments and schedules. From a business perspective, masculine energy can present itself in ways like working from sunup to sundown, pushing through limitations, and the paradigm of “The more you work, the more you're rewarded.” They can easily get trapped in thoughts of a small realm of possibility for themselves.



What does a Wounded/Imbalanced Feminine Energy look like?


When a person has a wounded feminine energy, they can be non committal, flighty, and overly analytical. They are usually very mean to themselves, telling themselves they are weak and piling illogical guilt and shame onto their own conscience. They can be extremely passive, over emotional, and not feel motivated to do anything. In a damaging state of wounded feminine energy, everything can bring them to tears. They tend to use emotionality as a crutch. They keep themselves in a state of victimhood, and feeling lesser than and they can have problems with consistency and have a bad awareness of time.


How do I balance out my Masculine and Feminine Energies?


Here are a few simple but powerful practices that you can add to your life to help re-balance your energies. 



Listen intuitively to your body, so that you can learn how to listen to your emotions as well. This is as simple as eating when you're hungry and going to the bathroom when you have the urge. If you can’t listen to your body's basic instincts, it will be difficult to be able to tap deeper into processing your feelings.



Take time to be quiet. Society and the world and our lives in general are so loud. Practice setting aside self care time for yourself where there is no noise - no phone, no tv, just you and an activity you love, such as meditating, painting or running. 



Practice free flowing movement. Put on music and see how your body leads you to move. This will help you be more in tune and aware of your body.



To get more information on this topic, hear about examples of the imbalance of the masculine and feminine in global society, and get inspired to tap into your powerful feminine energy, listen to episode 51 of the Endo Babe Podcast by clicking here



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