Four Things You Need to Know if You Are Struggling with Painful Sex

Painful sex is SO common for women with endometriosis. Read this blog for a little encouragement if you are struggling with this!



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"When you can get out of your head and into your body, you can lean into having more pleasure in your life."


If you experience pain with sex, please know you are NOT alone! And here are four things I want you to know <3


1. Your pain doesn’t mean anything about who you are a person.

It means nothing about your character. When sex is painful, it can hinder your relationships and  make you feel less than. But none of this has anything to do with who you are as a person! Pain is neutral...we assign meaning to things based on our past experiences, our emotions, our beliefs. When you can detach the pain from who you are as a person, you can lean more into pleasure.



2. You don't have to punish yourself because you're having pain with sex.


There was nothing you did to cause it! There was nothing you did to cause your endo or your pain. Don't use your pain as an excuse to punish yourself or judge yourself even more. It’s wasted time and energy.



3. You're allowed to be upset that sex is painful, and you're still allowed to want it.

We all go through this grieving process of the life/sex life we thought we should have. Getting upset is part of that process. 


4. Focus on what you're going to learn about yourself and your partner through the exploration journey in finding what works for you.

When you fall into acceptance, you get to move forward, and moving forward means you find what works for you and what you like.


Questions to ask yourself:

What will this teach me? What do I like? What do I need to feel safe? What are my sexual fears? What shames do I have about sex and intimacy? What are my sexual desires - what do I actually want?


Sex should never hurt! If you're experiencing...
-pain during insertion
-deep belly pain during or after
-pain with or after orgasm
-being sore after
None of this is normal! And could potentially be caused by endometriosis or another health condition. Please speak with your doctor about this <3

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