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Endometriosis: Holiday Gift Guide

Struggling with what to get your favorite endometriosis warrior for Christmas? I got you covered! In this blog post I’ll share some of my favorite gift ideas for women with endometriosis to help support their body, mind, and soul!


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What Is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is not just painful periods. Endometriosis is a full body inflammatory disease with an immune component. The endometriosis lesions are similar to the tissue that lines the uterus, however, they are outside of the uterus. The lesions are hormone sensitive and respond to the hormones of the menstrual cycle, but, endometriosis is not caused by excess estrogen! Click here to read more about endometriosis

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I also f*cking love these products and know they can change lives!<3


Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #1: Massage

Who doesn’t love a good massage? They’re probably one of the best gifts you can give your loved one with endometriosis! 

Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #2: Soft Heat Pad

Heat just feels good on your belly and can help to relieve some endo pain! And it’s probably one of the most used items for us endo warriors! Getting your loved one a super soft heat pad they can cuddle up with is a great gift for the holidays!

This one is my favorite! I love it! So so soft!


Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #3: Super Soft Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket like this one can help with anxiety and also help improve sleep! Both of which can help improve the quality of life for us Endo Babes!


Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #4: 1:1 Coaching Call w Chelsea

A 60 min, 1:1 intensive call with just Chelsea. Get coached on your mindset, limiting beliefs, and endometriosis so you can release the emotional and mental hold they have on you & step into your most ambitious and blissful Endo Babe self. Schedule the call here


Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #5: Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help calm the nerves and re-wire pain pathways for those of us with endometriosis! Some women find relief with bowel movements, some find relief with nerve pain! It’s different for every woman but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #6: The Endo Babe Journal

The Endo Babe Journal is a 13 week self love and gratitude journal for women with endometriosis!


It’s a fantastic tool for women with endo, helping them cultivate self love, connect to their body, track their endometriosis symptoms, and improve their mindset! I created this journal when I was recovering from excision surgery because I needed a tool to help me and my mindset and I couldn’t find one that was specifically for women with endometriosis. It’s helped me and so many other women learn to be happy in our body with endometriosis, a portion of proceeds from every journal sold is donated to endometriosis research/education, and it makes a fantastic gift for the holidays! 

Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #7: Thinx Period Underwear

Thinx period underwear are a game changer! They are period proof undies that look like normal undies but they hold up to 4 tampons worth! They are phenomenal!

Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #8: Fun Board Games to Play Together

With endo, we don’t always feel good enough to go out during the holidays, so getting a new game to play at home with everyone over the holiday is a great gift!

Some of my favorite games include:

What do you meme?

Cards Against Humanity.

Monopoly Deal. 

Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #9: Endo Babe Empowerment Swag

Another way to support someone you love with endometriosis is to empower them! The Endo Babe Shop is full of sweatshirts, t shirts etc all designed to help women with endo feel empowered while wearing them! And a portion of proceeds from every item sold is donated to endometriosis research/education, making it a fantastic gift for the holidays! 



Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #10: The Endo Babe Academy DIY

The Endo Babe Academy DIY  is a self paced transformative online coaching program for womxn with endometriosis designed to help womxn learn to manage their endometriosis in a way that works for their unique body so they can have more good days than bad and finally be free from their endometriosis! This is a great gift as your Endo Babe can learn to manage her symptoms and love herself again all from the comfort of her couch. Includes nutrition advice from a Registered Dietitianmeditations and spiritual practices, mindset work to help cultivate self love, & soo much more. They'll leave this program with all of the tools they need to completely manage their endo and fucking love themselves again!


Payment plan options available!



** These 3 are not affiliate links, just products that I love** 


Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #11: Le Wand Deux Massager

This vibrator is INCREDIBLE! Le Wand Deux is specifically for clitoral, nipple, or other erogenous zone stimulation! 


Holiday Gift for Endo Babes #12/13: Foria Awaken CBD Lube or Kush Queen Ignite CBD Lube

Both of these CBD lubes are amazing! They increase blood flow, leading to more sensation and increased pleasure! Foria Awaken & Kush Queen Ignite



I hope this was helpful and if you know someone with endometriosis who is struggle, do not hesitate to send them my way! I will always be here for it <3

Chelsea Donahue | Endometriosis Coach 

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