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If any of this resonates with you and you are wanting & needing help managing your endometriosis and your mindset, I welcome you to apply for coaching! Once you apply we can hop on a call to see how I can best support you or at least point you in the right direction <3  apply for coaching here



I started working with Chelsea a few days after my first excision surgery for endometriosis. I was overwhelmed, emotional, and needed a lot of support & guidance. After speaking to Chelsea the first time, I knew that becoming one of her clients would be exactly what I needed as I was coping with this new diagnosis. I was right. Chelsea’s program allowed me to understand that having endometriosis is not my fault, nor is it something that has to hold me back.  I have learned so much about how to love and respect my body despite my limitations and difficult days, how to eat to avoid flares (gluten & dairy free), how to effectively communicate with loved ones & doctors about endo, and I have learned so many ways that I can help myself. I now journal every day in the endo babe journal, take supplements that will help my body, have significantly better coping strategies for negative thoughts and situations, and so much more. I think the best part of working with Chelsea is that she understands this disease so well and knows that it is not just a medical issue. Endometriosis has effected me physically, emotionally, and mentally. I always knew I was capable of living a positive, healthy life but working with Chelsea made me realize that I can actually achieve it. Chelsea is a wonderful person and coach. She has given me the guidance to see a chiropractor and practice yoga, two things that I had been very reluctant to try. Above all, the biggest thing I have learned from Chelsea is to pay attention to my body and what it needs. This is something I have to work to do everyday, but I now understand that I am capable of living a happier, healthier life. I have Chelsea to thank for helping me achieve so many of my goals!




Chelsea changed my life. She taught me how to love my body instead of resent it. Working with Chelsea gave me the tools to manage not only my endo but to take my life back. I had the confidence and knowledge to make an appointment with an endometriosis specialist. I now have way more good days than bad. I know what my trigger foods are and I am truly enjoying life again. Not only did I get an endo coach who cares and is so passionate about her clients but I gained a dear friend. Thanks girl for keeping me accountable and making me, me again. ♥️




Thank you so much for everything! I felt so vulnerable after the zoom thing admitting such insecurities etc but it was so worth it and my fiancé and I had the best emotional and physical intimacy after and thanks to it! … thanks for holding the space!



I went into Endo Babe Academy unsure but hopeful. I decided to join it even though I was weary of the price, of the time I would have to commit to it and just doing something for myself. But this was the best decision I have made, I have only 1 regret, I wish I had found Chelsea and did this sooner. I went into the academy with so much hate in my heart towards my body, myself and life overall.
If someone asked me to tell them one good thing about myself I would’ve had to struggle to find even one. After the first call with Chelsea I knew I needed to at least try to change my life. I had to make a decision to better myself. Chelsea makes you think, makes you challenge yourself and helps you better yourself. I have left Endo Babe Academy a better version of myself, I give myself more grace, I appreciate my body, my life and have more good days than bad. All the calls we have weekly help you learn so much, I now know why I have pain and how to bear through it. I have good techniques under my belt and can review what I’ve learned over and over. If you're on the fence or don’t know if you should make the leap and invest in yourself.. take my word for it and do it. You will not regret it.



Thank you so much for being my endo coach. My life is forever changed because of you. Your love and encouragement is unwavering. Thank you for everything you do! I really appreciate you!



I am so deeply grateful to have had Chelsea's support and compassion in my life... She has taught me and helped me with new strategies and coping skills... She has been an outlet for me that I know I can lean on without feeling guilty or like a burden... She has been a huge support in my relationships overall... One of the biggest takeaways I've had is the mindset work Chelsea has helped me with and advocating for myself at work. Thanks to Chelsea I have found a voice to not be ashamed of my endo and find ways to not let it dismantle my career!





I was diagnosed this January 2020 with endometriosis after years of being dismissed, being called a drug seeker, etc. I joined Endo Babe Academy in Feb 2020. Before Endo Babe Academy I was in a complete pit, I was very depressed, very angry at the world, at myself, at my body, at my life.. But the biggest thing I've gotten out of this program is a sense of worth... I still have bad flare days, but I came out of this with such a different mindset & it has made a huge difference in my life. I am so so grateful & I highly recommend it for any girl that is struggling... Chelsea brings something so incredible to the table, how she just wants to be there for you and support you. If you have any doubts just take a minute, take a breathe, and just know from my experience, this program can definitely help you!




After over 3 years of ER visits, hopping from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist, being gaslighted into thinking my pain wasn’t real and losing hope I would ever feel better, I found Chelsea on IG and started 1:1 coaching together. For the first time since I started having endo symptoms, I was learning REAL info from someone who not only understands because of all of her clients, but understands from personal experience as well. All of the questions that doctors didn’t seem to have any sort of answers to, Chelsea did - not fix-all answers, not magic-pill answers, but REAL answers, and she helped me build a REAL plan to feel better. Her education about the reality of what endometriosis actually is, has helped me so much more than what any doctor has ever told me. The way she approaches healing, addressing everything from the physicality of pain to mental health to nutrition and everything in between, has completely changed my attitude towards my endo. I got “officially” diagnosed almost 4 years into my journey, which is about half of the length of time it takes the average woman to get diagnosed. But at that point, what the doctors told me had so much less of an impact on my decision making and my mental state because I was so armed with the knowledge Chelsea gave me. Because of Chelsea’s coaching - her loving, healthy and positive attitude towards endo- I feel more prepared than I ever have to take on life no matter what.

- Jordann

If any of this resonates with you and you are wanting & needing help, I welcome you to apply for coaching! Once you apply we can hop on a call to see how I can best support you or at least point you in the right direction <3  


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